Geto Boys - We Can’t Be Stopped (1991 8/10)

The track “Mind Playing Tricks on Me” is so visceral and effective at portraying the horrific underbelly of gangsta rap and the ghetto lifestyle that it not only enriches We Can’t Be Stopped but it also subverts the entire genre up to that point.  It remains not only the key Geto Boys song but also one of the most brilliant songs of the gangsta rap movement.  The rest of the album is pretty solid, with “Chucky” and “Another Nigger in the Morgue” as prime examples of the extreme horror with which the Geto Boys paint their characters and murder plots and there are even some fairly successful political rants on “Fuck a War” and “I Ain’t With Being Broke.”  The album is a bit too long and the second half finds a few too many sexually predatory songs that don’t break much new ground, but this is a key album by an underrated group.

Standout Tracks: We Can't Be Stopped, Chuckie, and Mind Playing Tricks on Me