Roy Harper - Flat Baroque and Berserk (1970 9/10)

Harper comes into his own as a versatile songwriter on
Flat Baroque and Berserk, after the uneven (but sometimes brilliant) Folkjokeopus from the year before.  Harper jumps off strong with “Don’t You Grieve” about Judas and less specifically about people that have been unfairly maligned.  Then after a brief and largely pointless spoken introduction comes Harper’s masterpiece of the album, his epic “I Hate the White Man” which is simultaneously funny, bitter and beautiful – the kind of combo that perhaps only Dylan or Cohen could pull off so effectively.  The album remains consistently strong from their sometimes tender (“Another Day”) and sometimes very aggressive (the album’s strong closer “Hell’s Angels” with Prog-Rockers The Nice), all the while maintaining a dry sense of humor and sharp intelligence.

Standout Tracks: Don't You Grieve, I Hate the White Man and Another Day